The Baker

Let me give you some insight into how this business venture was born, so that you may get to know me a little before you choose to take advantage of my services …

My passion is born predominantly of two things, an innate eye for the details which make this world all that it is and also the inspiration and support I have received from my family and close friends. My Auntie has baked for as long as I can remember and I have always been in awe of what she could create, when she made the cake for my wedding I was so impressed that I could not resist the opportunity to be able to give that same gift to others myself. My skill set has been built up for as long as I can remember, I was baking with my Grandma as soon as I was tall enough to reach the counter tops! When she handed down her Kenwood Chef to me, I knew my opportunity to create sweet treats and make a career from it had been born.
I adore baking for children, their glee is never masked and to be able to produce such vast smiles out of even the simplest of designs gives me immeasurable joy. This is reflected with the most clarity when I’m in the kitchen with my daughter, I revel in stealing quality time with her as we whip up a frenzy of flour and icing, sugar and sparkle together, creative juices flowing, laughter abound, and best of all we get to share the delicious delights at the end of the day. Truly there is nothing more delightful and rewarding. I also love hosting, preparing huge festive feasts for my vast extended family, and I revel in seeing their beaming faces as they tuck in to a meal I prepared with passion. Or indeed a more personal gesture, baking cupcakes to send to a friend in need of a little compassion and comfort.
To be able to let this blossom, share this feeling with loved ones and strangers alike and to be rewarded with their delight is all I could ever desire. So rather than you thanking me for providing you with baked goods which make your tummies glad, I thank you, for giving me the opportunity to provide this service for you.
A perfect blend of professionalism and personalism, whipped up with love. Especially for you.