The Photographer

I have always had an eye for detail, a unique viewpoint with a pinch of perfectionism thrown into the mix and each time I am able to capture something which others may miss, I love nothing more than to be able so share my view, so as to share this grander view with everyone I meet. We live in a vastly expansive and glorious world, I feel I simply must document this so as not to lose my head in the humdrum or the monotony which can easily sweep over us all. In this day and age I am blessed in that I am able to share my perspective, inspire others to look, then look once more. And to spread happiness and delight.

When I was given a Nikon DSLR as a gift this only fuelled the fire within me and further enhanced the beauty I can not help but see. I am entirely self taught, and have racked up some serious experience in practising, revelling in every moment and learning more each time I have my camera in my hands.
Life moves so quickly, so what could possibly be better than capturing key experiences and encapsulating them for eternity, trapping them in the amber of a moment and sharing this beauty with others?
This is my gift to you, born of a gift I gave to myself. A reminder, children grow fast, treasure every moment with them as they are a blessing, walk a beautiful path and savour your time on this Earth. Explore, excite and elevate.. Follow my lead!
Please take some time to view the world through my eyes, and if you enjoy what you see, get in touch! Let us make some magic together. We are only bound by our imaginations, can you envisage what we could create together?